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Sustainable Financial Planning!!
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Smart Money, Bills & Assets Management for Personal, Family and Small business finances.

Simplifying Cash Flow Forecasting for everyone to make budgeting a snap and DIY financial planing more accessible.

Raving Reviews

Users tell us things like “I’d give up my girlfriend before giving up your app” or “I don’t know what I would do if this app was not available” ~ We can relate, we’ve been using it for over a decade ourselves and can’t imagine life w/o it either!

Financial Freedom

Imagine budgeting that’s both effortless and engaging. With CashFlow+, you can craft the lifestyle you desire—no complex calculations or tedious spreadsheets required!

FREE – No Tricks!

That’s right, the app is donation based and if you believe it’s helping you, we believe you help us sooner or later too 🙂